Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
1988 Convertable
It has been said, that when the C4's were assembled the first thing down the line was the heater core then the rest of the car was built around it...... While as life goes, I guess we are going to find out.

I was unable to make it out to the lunch with the mud street guys last Friday as when I went to get ready for the day I found my heater core was pissing out coolant. Over the weekend I did a bit of research and found that this is going to be a 6 hour job to R&R. Most of the dash has to come apart. As this is a bit intimidating to me, I got the kid involved. For those that do not know my son has been a mechanic for a number of years and is quite familiar with my car. Of course time is always an issue with both of us, so this morning a decision was made to take my baby into his shop on Wednesday to replace this $40 core. I don't think he is really looking forward to it, but hey that is what family is for right?

Unfortunately, this means I won't make it to Ancaster's last cruise of the season on Tuesday............ but I should be back on the road Wednesday night.

Sorry to hear of your troubles Brian. Sounds like it'll work out well though. The joys of older vehicles, eh?
Brian, sorry to hear about the htr core, whatever you do....don't use the 5 year antifreeze in your car again, just get a good antifreeze like Prestone or Zerex, my mechanic is very knowlegeable and does not recommend reusing the 5 year stuff. I try to flush and change mine every 3 years. Worth mentioning to your son....Bob
Well, the good news is I'm back on the road, and I even have a heater.......just what I need today. LOL !
GM list this job as 6 hours. The kid got it done in about 5. Sorry, no pictures and here is the reason. My son is a lot like me. When he made the decision to become a mechanic, I told him right there and then, that a lot of people will want you to do things for them. I told him remember that this is what you are doing for a living, so do not work for nothing. He listened very well.
When I dropped my car off at the shop this morning, I asked if he wanted me to hang around and help out the best I could. He just smiled and told me that as per my advise he is not working for nothing. Labour in my case would be $25 an hour. If I want to watch it goes up to $30, and if I want to hold the light in his eyes it is going to be $40. Needless to say, I just went home and waited for the call.

Anyway, car is back and all is good again.
Good to hear Brian -- I've found that with most help these days that if you want to watch it's more $$$$ -- If you want to help it's even more $$$$.....Best just let 'em get on with it, pay the bill and enjoy.

See you Monday I hope. Hoping to get some side by sides of the C4's.

I just did the heater core in my car last week. Big job. Took me a couple of afternoons to get it done. Great that your son could do it for you, whatever you paid him was money well spent!!


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