Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
Despite a great job with the "space blanket: in the tunnel (installed by Manny), I still got some heat leakage in the center console. I took it all apart this evening (proud of myself as this is a first for me) and laid down some heavy duty dynamat stuff with aluminum foil backing. I will be curious when I take it out (maybe tomorrow).
Why don't you ceramic-coat your pipes through the center? Or are they already done?

Might be worth looking at.

Nice work on getting those bad-boys out yourself, BTW!!!!
Problem solved!

xlr8r, the headers are already ceramic coated.

I got me some good ole Dynamat with aluminum backing and took apart the center console. Amazing how little there is by way of insulation. I laid down two layers and now the armrest console and lock where most of the heat came from, are merely slightly warm.
I've noticed the heat, but only when my leg touches it. So far it hasn't bothered me too much, but it's nice to know there's a solution in place if it does.
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