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Jan 11, 2009
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We tend to take these numbers for granted. I`ve been told by a dyno guy that the LS2 will make about 340 rwhp give or take and that engine is at the bottom of the late model hp list. Now, look at the numbers for a 1970 LS6 450 hp Chevelle the killer car of the musclecar era.
Chevrolet Muscle Car Dyno Wars - 1970 LS6 Chevelle - Super Chevy Magazine

Do you think that perhaps that the older we get, the faster we were.
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Would installing these headers on a new C7 have any affect on the warranty?
Very interesting article. Glad it shows how the old cars stack up. I was watching a show on TV where they were spouting off that the Hemi was closer to an 800 hp motor. :rofl:

I hoped the old motors would have done a bit better as you just can't beat the sound of a BBC but technology moves forward and it only makes sense that cars now-a-days would be able to put out more hp.
I don`t know what kind of horsepower a race hemi with the cross ram intake made but the street hemi wasn`t going to scare off the 427 cars. I never went looking for races but didn`t shy away either. None of the local hemi boys ever came looking for a run. I showed an L78 Chevy Nova what a half dozen car lengths looked like in the eighth mile. A 340 Dart was worse still. These cars came from the factory with retarded timing, slow advance curve and lean primary jets. If you didn`t get that figured out, you had a stone. Get it right, and the difference was like night and day. Most guys didn`t know anything about fine tuning and thought that that if your car was slow, then that was that. There was a 1966 L72 427 Chev around that could consistently beat a local `66 hemi Satellite, and that was with a big heavy full sized car. A street hemi was probably in the same general hp range as the L72 and LS6 for performance. Whoever came up with the 800 hp must have been pretty old to get that much power. ;) Magazine articles and TV shows are nothing more than entertainment and should be treated as such.
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