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Aug 2, 2020
Hi just wondering if anyone has done this? I like the factory stereo, sounds great for a 29 year old system, just lacking some better highs for my liking, bass response is not bad either but newer tech can probably give a little more bass? Im not interested in adding any amps, was just going to use the Bose ones I i would save the original speakers for originality and to be able to put car to 100% stock. like i said its sounds alright, just wanted a little bit of an improvment. thanks in advance.
Hi Pipeguy,

The key question here is: Is your car equipped with the base sound system, or the Delco Bose Gold sound system? If the former, replacing the speakers is straightforward. However, the Delco Bose Gold system is completely different. The head unit of the Gold system does not have a built-in amplifier, instead using amplifiers in each speaker housing. This means that the Gold head unit doesn't output enough wattage to run a normal speaker above a whisper.

In short, if you have Delco Bose Gold, you either have to replace everything, or live with the factory self-amplified speakers.

On mine, the decision was pretty easy. The head unit had died years before I got the car, and I was told the speakers were also blown, so I installed all new components. I was careful to preserve the factory wiring, just in case I want to return it to stock someday, but I'm very happy with my modern stereo setup. I do a lot of road trips with this car (just got back from a nine-day, 2800km run from Montreal > Toronto > London > Hamilton > Pennsylvania > Montreal), and having good tunes is critical :).

If you do have Delco Bose Gold, and decide to re-work the stereo, you will have to fabricate adapters to mount standard speakers to the openings. I made mine out of plywood, and I had no difficulty fitting 4x6" speakers in the doors, and 6x9" speakers in the rear quarters, all hidden under the factory grilles for a stock appearance.

Good luck!

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