Bearly Flying

Bearly Flying

Dec 31, 2009
Ponoka, Alberta
2001 C5
Just picked up a 75 Stingray


The L-48 was replaced with an LT1 crate motor;


Interior is pretty decent, no signs of any corrosion;

Looks like a nice clean car. Congratulations of it finding a nice new home at your place....Lucky guy.
Thanks Guy's.

I had seen it advertised earlier this year and thought I should go look at it. But got busy, and it dropped off Kijiji. Oh Well.....
Then it came back on right at Christmas. I didn't screw around this time.

Should be fun driving it home. Been snowing fairly steadily the last couple days.
Gotta clear out some room in the garage, but I think I can get all 3 in there.


Buckhorn. Yes the breather has to go. P.O. had put it on due to clearance problems. I have already been looking at Corvette Central for a drop center Low Profile Air Cleaner.
Now that is a "Man Cave". Love the RC Planes. Looks like you like playing with the bigger stuff too. Bet the Spacewalker Bipe flies nice.
Might be a tight fit getting the C3 in, but you will figure it out.
Congratulations on your new ride ...

I don't know which makes me more jealous....the car, or that HUGE garage ! :D
Congratulations on your new ride ...

I don't know which makes me more jealous....the car, or that HUGE garage ! :D

Hahaha! Have to agree! :rofl:

However, I really don't know if I would have went with that C3. Looks like it's seen snow! :D

Beautiful car SB!!!!
Ya, it saw some snow alright. Picked it up yesterday and drove it home.

It was rather interesting to say the least. Got lot's of waves and more than a few stares ( What's that idiot doing???, kinda thing).

It runs very nicely, engine sounds good, quick blast up to a hundred ( closed course, Pro Driver, yada yada..), pulls nicely.

Interior is rather small for a Guy my size. 6"1" 240.

Got it home and gave it a bath before putting it in the shop.

There are a few things that need attention, some interior screws missing on the dash, consul, etc. Rug has a few wear spots, probably be replaced.

Overall, pretty Happy with the condition.

Now where the Hell is that Global Warming when you need it????
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