Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Sort of bad timing that 2 months ago I gave up chocolate!

The weather in northern Alberta is improving, +14 in the valley last night when I went for a run and +9 this morning at the end of the run. So beautiful and it smells so nice. I even saw the first blades of green grass on some south facing slopes.

I sort of regret not having put the road insurance back on the Z06 before the long weekend but Tuesday will be soon enough.

We were expecting 5 rail cars in to ship out some wheat but guess what - CN doesn't know where the cars even are! Except they are not in town here waiting to be loaded!!!!

Hopefully you all left some snacks for E. Bunny last night and were rewarded this morning. I wonder if anyone has ever made a chocolate Corvette?!

Under the category of the plus side of being divorced, Aidan is in Calgary with his mom so not with me for Easter itself and will not be back until Tuesday night probably - so tomorrow I get to load up on 1/2 priced Easter candy at the stores to give him!!!!!!


Happy Easter Garry. 20C and partly sunny here today. Still haven't got my Vette out yet; roads are still very gritty and there is still some snow laying around in the shady spots. Maybe in another week or so.
Happy Easter Garry and everyone.:D
Have a great weekend heaving grain -- the reward will be having son back home, and a ride in the 'yellow screamer'.

Good morning Gentlemen,

No sugar hangovers this morning I hope!

Great weather yesterday, the running was awesome (as much a sweating and panting can be classified as such anyway!) and logged in another 14 km.

Looks to be spring like again for a 3rd day, forecast highs of 14! Showers tomorrow and windy but that is the way things go - the weather suitable fo rmy mood in having to go to the dentist.

As expected, CN was unable to deliver the rail cars - again! nothing worse than when they tell you they will be delivered, so you get your trucks and crew all lined up and you wait, and wait, and wait and then find out they are not coming after all. It makes it hard to plan.

Off to run this morning, I'll check to see if the insurance dealer is open to put the car on the road but I suspect they are closed and then to WalMart to see what is left over for Easter candy and then to change ether bottles on two of my grain trucks...........

I can't wait to be back in the driver's seat! This will become a new right of passage of spring for me I'm thinking.


Well, a day spent trying to get the ether injection systems working on two grain trucks. Success too. Sad that I wait until it is above zero to tackle this. Using the trucks in the winter required spraying it into the air cleaner which was a rela hassle. I'm just on my way to the farm with a part for the compression fitting which I hope will fit and then to hook up and prepare the header trailer to go and get my stripper header tomorrow.


I just put the road insurance on the Z06............hurray! Now I just have to go and get it..............

A beautiful +16, walked 4 miles this morning, ran 7.4 km along the dike in Peace River this afternoon, all I need is my son back from Calgary and I'll be in the zone.




Happy Easter everyone! That was a very busy, but great weekend! Took my nephew to the Draggins car show. I was thinking of taking some pictures for the forum but it was SO BUSY in there, you could not get a good shot of any of the cars!!!!!! Plus, it was apparently the 50th anniversary of the Mustang so it really wasn't worth taking pictures of most of the cars in there anyway. :D

Next time. Anyway, at least it was nice to see some good iron.
Road insurance is on the car! Now to go to get it! Have to move my stripper header home today and move seed tomorrow but after that it is open!! Oh soon, I can't wait!
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