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Jun 16, 2013
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Guide to Fall Detailing and Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our long Canadian winter is just around the corner, and fall detailing is all about preparing for old man winter, and his cousin, Jack Frost. Right now is the perfect time to prepare your car for the upcoming winter since working in the fall temperatures is quite pleasant! Don
With your winter vehicles, spray lots of undercoating on the wiring harnesses, fuel lines and brake lines. The calcium chloride brine wreaks havoc on wiring and the connectors wherever it is most likely to get into the metal.
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For sure! However, we do have a couple people that brave the winter all year round. Thank goodness Saskatchewan doesn't use the calcium chloride brine....or much salt for that matter. Mostly sand and gravel as salt doesn't work at the colder temperatures.
just turned the heat on in the garage and covered the '65, fresh oil and antifreeze, stabilizer in the tank, battery tender on, tires pumped to 40# and fabreeze sheets spread around inside and out...sleep tight my pet ....
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