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Jan 11, 2009
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Stay tuned for location!

Looks like rain is in the forecast for tonight. It would have been nice to know that this morning...or afternoon. Have we settled on a location? Is anyone going to come out tonight to enjoy this lovely weather (insert fart noise here)?
hey guys long time no talk wish i could of mader up but been workin hard and havent been home either the rig is pretty well righy at the manitoba US boarder
alas! ball season is coming to an end as of this week, so i will be coming out thursdays with the Stingray!

You know what else is coming to an end? Summer. Summer is coming to an end dang nabbit. I can't believe September is knocking on our door. I hope we have a good fall and can continue to meet before I don't even want to say the word. (I don't sound bitter at all, do I?)

Glad to have you back! See you at the meet!
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