GS Street-Friendly Alignment


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Jan 11, 2009
Toronto, Canada
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Just a follow-up to this discussion, a very positive one that has ended on a happy note. Here's the short version:

Took the GS to Syracuse yesterday and had a complete, professional 4 wheel alignment done, including the rear caster. Yes, it was off, substantially, and had to be adjusted using the GM digital angle gauge and adaptor. In fact, it was the improper rear caster settings that were causing the pull to the right. I'm not going to criticize the dealer who did the initial alignment, they did what they could. Unfortunately, the specialty shop's alignment tech spent the majority of the 3.5 hours it took to do the alignment correcting what the dealer had done. Bottom line, the car doesn't pull, the steering wheel is back to center, the back end no longer twitches in fast sweeping corners and I now have a street-friendly set-up on my car. Job done, not cheap but, in my opinion, well worth the time and money spent.

Hope it's alright to mention the shop, Jeffrey' Auto Body, East Taft Road, Syracuse NY. The owner is Jeff Lyman. He owns and tracks a 2015 Z06, with the Z07 package, and is a long time Corvette enthusiast. This shop was recommended by the Syracuse Corvette club's president and I now understand why. They have the right equipment, experienced, knowledgeable staff and they did, for me, what no one else in Southern Ontario could do. Obviously, I recommend them.

After I had committed to going to Syracuse I got a return call from Sean Getty, Getty's Automotive in Ottawa. I had seen reviews and recommendations for this shop from Corvette owners on another forum site. After a short discussion I was convinced that he, also, has the equipment and knowledge to do this job. Had I heard from him a day earlier I'd probably have gone to him. However, no regrets.

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Appreciate the detailed review. Glad you got it sorted out.