Had to go to a worksite today. Since it was at a lake I figured what the hell, take the car. Took a couple of pics at the new subdivision built. Lots are going to be for sale soon. Great place and pavement to your door!

I got a bit of ribbing at the Ponoka Meet and Greet that I had the front calipers painted but not the back. I FINALLY GOT THEM DONE! Love the look and how it sets off the wheels!

Beauty ride and great setting Rocky -- love the DSO -- very striking.

Callipers and chrome look awesome. Can't wait to get the bling rims for my

Thanks for sharing.

It's by buffalo lake. West of stettler then North of Erskine, called Buffalo View Estates Vince.
Wow Rob that's not very many Kms for the weather we've been having! We should go for a cruise. I've put about 5,000 on this year already. Sunshine is drive time in my books!
What a beautiful sight and car. Its fantabulous. I like its color and shine. Try to keep it shiny.
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