Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
As a bit of a last minute impulse because of summer(and my holidays) slipping away, I registered for a lapping event at Grand Bend Motorplex last night. AWESOME!! I had so much fun.....and for only $50!!! We were doing the "Technical" track layout but there is something like 4 different configurations. There were a couple C5's representing the Corvette community, some Porsches(older and brand new), a couple RT 10 Vipers, etc., but what really caught my eye was a Radical. Man, was it fast!! It looks like a mini LeMans LMP1 car, and even shot out flames when downshifting!!
To those of you that have not done this yet, I recommend it! I am by no means an expert, far from. I wish I could do my Vette justice, but I have so much fun learning everytime.
Sorry there aren`t any pics or video. I do not know how to upload them.:canada:
Sounds like a blast Justin....You have a lot of fun with your 'vette -- good for you. I'm sure you represented us well.

Can't say that I've heard of a "Radical"....... I'll have to look that one up. Sounds like it PDQ.

Lookin'good. Smooooth driving.
One suggestion... get rid of the "doodads" on your mirror. Even if they don't distract you... they distract me as a viewer ;)

Thanks! I'm working on it. There's so much to learn. It is so much fun! I absolutely love it, and ever time I'm out, I love my Vette even more.
The doodads aren't something that I would normally have, but they were gifts from my kids.

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They might give you extra luck then.
For performance driving though, you might want to put them elsewhere in the car for the event.
I'll bet that is what Ron Fellows does :canada:


Good point. They are officially retired to my workbench in the garage. Cheers, and thanks for the kind words. Lapping is so addictive. It's such a great feeling when out on the track.

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I used to race vintage motorcycles (VRRA) and was a traveling marshal for some motorcycle track days. Now I get to ride along in a friend's Porsche Turbo on some track days. I can understand how you would enjoy lapping so much.
Your smoothness is what impressed me. Smoothness and figuring out the best lines is the key. You are doing it "right".
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