Next week I hope to have the car out. I absolutely love cars but absolutely hate trying to find a place to store them during the summer so they are out of the elements. This is the biggest hold up right now. The storage plans were in the works but changes out of my control have sort of put it up in the air.:mad: I can't wait to have my own place so I have the flexibility to do what I want.
Well it only took until today to get my car on the raod. But it ran pretty good and I didn't have any mice run out at my feet (yet). Either way I will be cruising around after work and will be stopping by the wholesale club parking. Hope to see a bunch of people out. Maybe I can even give Riley a ride, but we'll see.


So If I look outside your Vette must be there hey?

Good for you! I Hope to stop by this evening as well.
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