Oct 19, 2014
1992 LT1 Convertible
Last summer I finally bought my first Corvette. It was new to me but twenty-two years old.
It was in excellent condition wIth only 95,000 kms.
The tires still have lots of thread left but six months later I happen to look at the date stamps in the rubber.
The front tires are eight years old the rear nine!
I know it's buyer beware but shouldn't the safety check have taken the age of the tires into consideration?
....tire manufacturers don't recomend using tires more than 10 years old, regardless how they are stored or if even new old stock on the rack. Yet not uncommon to see many tires that aren't cracked or really drying up from age, so a guy keeps driving on them....and I'm one of those guys too ! Inspections usually just look at thread wear and for obvious cuts etc, but date codes I kinda doubt they do that.
I still have the original 2005 wheels and tires that I put on the car in the fall and take off in the spring. They don't look checked and cracked like some tires that I see with far fewer years on them. I have driven on far older tires but always kept a close eye on them for checking and cracking a sure sign that the rubber is going south.
My original 2003 Goodyear Supercar Tires look brand new. I would not have any hesitation in driving on them even now. Like Keith I would keep a close eye on them but know that like most things they do have a life span.

I replaced the wheels/tires last year with CCW SP 16a's and Michelin Pilot Sports (18's front 19's rear). I stored them inside in a heated area for the winter. This is a huge expense and I do will do what is needed to take care of them.

Just be very cautious with aging tires. I know their limitations.
My '94 that Steamer and I drove back (in 2013) to Ontario had 2 tires made in '03 and 2 made in '04. After I got back I had Manny put on some other tires I purchased from a friend and he did so.
Taking the old ones off totally destroyed them due to age and brittleness tho on the surface they looked just fine.

I was lucky to have made it back from BC on those tires at that time and won't drive on old tires again.
Just not worth the chance to me.

You may be able to drive on old tires for some time and get away with it but I won't recommend doing so.

This is a good read on tires and their age -- It's worth reading if you have marginal tires.


Good luck,
my car had been in storage for 17 years and the tires were at least 20 years old. visually they looked fine. before long while taking it to get a safety cert. the whole car shook violently at anything over 15 mph. when we got it up in the air we found a grapefruit sized bulge had developed on the left rear tire. same thing happened to my buddy's 77 about halfway to florida. his first thought was that a 1/2 shaft u-joint had let go. the belts on all 4 tires were beginning to separate.
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