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Mar 5, 2011
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Anybody have any feed back as i am thinking of down sizing from a Yukon SLT full load to a AWD V6
Now that I am retired I do not need such a big truck
By the way it has 114 k loaded just as an Denali extra waranty, list was 75 k
Going mid 30's
A vette owner's truck is like his car in my case
Hi tqracr, I know several people who own GMC Terrains and are very happy with them. As a disclosure I must tell you I work at the plant in Ingersoll Ontario where these vehicles are built so I do have a vested interest!. I like the truckish look of them and they are quite roomy and the V6 has lots of power (for a small SUV). We have won many GM quality awards and are currently building a new body shop at the plant due to sales volume and new model commitment. Hope this helps!
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