1193 :canada: = 3.2%

But please note that we got considerably more Z51's as a percentage of our total than the US did... US got 55% of their production in Z51, we got 62.6% up here.

I am surprised, frankly, that we got anywhere near that many cars, our usual rate used to be about 3%, but I didn't expect us to reach it for 2014. Thank you, GM Canada, for exceeding my expectations on price, and availability.
Very interesting!

So 37288 produced.
Z51 Coupe into Canada: 571 1.5%
Z51 Coupe Night Race Blue: 633 1.7%
Z51 Coupe 1LT w Gray Leather: 123 0.33%

So lowest unique combo gives mine a lowest uniqueness of 123 out 37288 of 0.33%

Mine was the only ZF1 package to come to Canada in 2014. 1 of 37288...or

Canada's new car market is 11% of total cars produced in NA, the C7 number is a whole lot lower than that.
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