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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Look like GM is offering up the new ZR1 blower for any of our LS3 cars, would be a great HP increase over stock!

GMPP Announces LS9 Supercharger Kit for LS3-Headed Engines

What you are looking at is a leaked digital image of General Motors Performance Products' all-new LS9 Supercharger Package.
Designed for ALL LS engines topped with LS3 heads, the LS9 Kit comes with the Roots-style supercharger, intercooler kit, and
gasket set. While GMPP hasn't "officially" announced this package for the boost-loving LS-powered enthusiast, the part number
PT# 19244103 is a LIVE part number; meaning you can contact your GMPP parts supplier and get a price quote today!


LS9 Supercharger Kits are already in stock and should be widely announced within one week. Our source within GMPP hints that
this package - when paired with the correct drive system and LS9 internals - should produce no less than 650 horsepower!
Again, details such as boost levels, price and the like are still under wraps. But for now, be aware that this kit is real and you
too can have your own LS9-powered Camaro or retrofit your Corvette into an LS9.
I can only imagine what this package would cost. I think i would still rather do the E-Charger from Edelbrock.
Not me buddy, still running my Trickflow heads, be interesting to see how much they want for it $$.
Think you need a LS2 block to mount up the LS3 heads then you would be ready to go?

What do you think that thing is worth Greg?
I dont really have a clue what they would want for it, most likely $10K+, if so
then it would be much cheaper to go with a Edelbrock E-Charger.
Think its a valid number but there is no released pricing, you have to call a
dealer or supplier and get them to find out the price.
Would be nice to have a 08+ LS3 motor and throw that ontop with the ZR1
clear window hood!
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