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Is it for real or what?
Climate Cat out of the Bag? Potentially dynamite revelations

Fear and Loathing in Global Warming

Fear and Loathing in Global Warming

By Duncan Davidson|Nov 21, 2009, 2:38 AM|Author's Website

There is an old adage: You can never trust the Left.

It has just been proven true again with Global Warming. Think of all the righteous indignation at skeptics, the mocking and demonization of critics, the strident alarmism, the need for urgent measures, the maudlin fawning over polar bears, and all that. Yet the science is unproven and the world appears to be cooling off, or at least pausing in warming.
What if a small cabal at the center of the data has been perpetrating a huge fraud on the rest of us?

Yesterday the British climate data at the Hadley/CRU climate research unit was hacked and the stolen data posted in Russia then rapidly disseminated on the web. I first thought the story was a hoax, but apparently the CRU center has confirmed the breach. Now the MSM is picking this up. The authenticity of the emails is not disputed. And they are devastating to the credibility of this cabal at the center of the GW case.

The backstory here begins with some brave amateur sleuths led by Steve McIntyre who first debunked the Mann Hockey Stick, the linchpin of the GW argument. Then they debunked the attempt to resurrect the hockey stick. They showed the bad science behind the Steig Antarctic
It's science! Actually, I only really understood 10% of that. However, the gist from what I read is that the earth is cooling and not warming? Plus, the pollution figures are being exaggerated to make a "better" case for GW?

Something I would have to read up on my own before I could make a real decision on it.

What about the subject of climate change instead of global warming?
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