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Apr 23, 2012
Congrats to Obama--not a fan, but really have a dislike for the Republican platform. No healthcare, but legislation on abortion, gay-marriage, and other useless issues made me lose a lot of respect for that party.

I've had fun wathcing windbag blowhards snivel over each other in the wake of this loss. Now we get to watch it all over again as another four years will see another election.

Republicans are lost until they get their priorities straight. I'm actually saying this as a Romney supporter--he wants to build pipelines. I want to build them.............

In any case, the circus is over, lets move forward and hope that our big brother to the south can gets its act together.

Good night.......:canada:
It doesn't matter who is in power now. When the US can't even pay the interest on its debt, the only way is down and probably with a crash. Sooner or later the printing of all those trillions of dollars is going to rear its ugly head as wild inflation. It happened to Hitler's Germany. It happened in Zimbabwe. It happened in Moldova after they got their independence from Russia. Just a few examples. Obama should have gotten out while the getting was good and let someone else take the fall. Winning wasn't exactly a smart move.
6 BILLION DOLLARS could have helped a lot of people

Buy gold and keep it if that's where you think things are going. Uncle Sam has a little more resilience than those places--but can also see a similar outcome.

I guess time will tell, but you're right. Whoever won has a tough road against a people who love to spend beyond their means--a la Greece.
I hate to say it fellows, but better get yourself some farmland!

Ever wonder why Chinese businesses are out buying up tracts of farmland in Saskatchewan like rabid dogs?

Ever wonder, why when Kadaffi was alive Libya was buying up huge chunks of land in Eastern Europe?

Well when crunch time comes, your C7, your i-phone and i-pad, your stock in Apple are not going to be worth much if there is no food on the table. Everything after food is just fluff.

How serious do I really take this? Well, in my shed right now is a biodiesel plant that can make biodiesel from the canola I grow on my farm in 400 liter batches. It is a little unknown fact (thanks Cliff!) that when Rudolph Diesel invented his diesel engine back in say 1890 there was no crude oil being pumped out of the ground. His goal was to make an engine that could be powered from plant oils (thus a renewable energy supply) so it was built to run on peanut oil, palm oil, even whale oil and coal dust! So I can keep on powering my farm equipment and keep on making food which is the only thing with real value after all. In the end we all gotta eat!

Know a whole lot of countries without food (and energy) security that are doing well these days? Just like "neither a borrower or debter be", never be in a position where you can't produce enough food to feed your people! They tend to revolt and overthrow the government when they start to get hungry.

Talk to any European or anyone from Central or South America or the Pacific who might be 70 or 80 years of age and they can tell you about food shortages and starving. We're just lucky, for the mostpart, in North America that we over produce so much relative to our consumption!

Lunch time.


True enough. Air, Shelter, Water, Food, the rest are just details. How to not make this sound terrible.... Fortunately we live in Canada, one of the richest nations in the world. We have the resources and wealth to keep from starving anytime soon. The people that will really suffer should there be a food shortage are the people of the undeveloped nations. I feel bad about that and do a small part to help out but really, it's not even a drop in the bucket. I'll admit I could always could do more and am willing to do anything....as long as it doesn't affect my lifestyle.... I'm not proud of that, just being honest.
You're right on that xlr8r. It is just sort of unsettling. The Canadian attitude seems to be anything for the quick buck now and we have no longer term or strategic planning, from businesses or our governments.

You know that the Chinese asked for and got a signed agreement with the Canadian government that if any of their national companies get sued in Canada the court proceedings can only take place behind closed doors! How is that for transparency?

Riley, I appreciate your honesty. It is hard to really get a good grip on how much we overconsume in North America compared to so many other countries. I remember reading that in Canada we spend something like 12% of our income on food, in a lot of other countries it is closer to 80%.

I need a Z06, a SER, 3 pickups, two houses etc. for one guy, a live in gf and my 40% with me son?

The fortune we have all had (I'm assuming) to be probably born and living in Canada is something we don't have a grasp of. Consider, of all the countries in the world, which ones are people most desiring to get into? I'd think North America most likely. You see people from North America trying to get out of here?? Canadians flooding the Chinese embassy trying to get citizenship. Ooops! Maybe you didn't know that either but apparently in order to get Chinese citizenship you have to even actually be....Chinese! I always thought we ought to have recriprical agreements with other countries. Why give them something they're not willing to give us in return??


Thanks Keith! What a great compliment!!

Look into all the investment funds and see what they are starting to buy now........farmland!

By no means am I a back to the land kind of guy. But if the great re-alignment ever does occur while I am still alive it makes me feel good that I might not die right away. I've got a water well, trees, land and the knowledge to be able to grow food. Energy might be an issue but like I said I have the biodiesel production equipment - oilseed press (Chinese manufacture even!!!!), the pre-heater and the reactor tank. I'd hate to have to ever put it into production but it is left over from one of my projects that I was doing a few years ago. I'd hate to have to go wood burning but there are many companies that actually make grain burning stoves so I've got that covered as well.

The people in cities I really worry about since my understanding is that there is at most a 4 to 5 day supply of food and they are dependent on on-going steady supplies so if they ever got disrupted there could be chaos.

Here's an interesting trivia question. If we stopped producing wheat in the world today, at current consumption levels how long would it take to run out? It used to be 40 days so I'm sure it is less than that now.

How are you sleeping at night? 80% of the worlds food production is controlled by which company or maybe it is two companies?? Cargill and AMD I think. And they continue to acquire more and more of the little guys. Does the word monopoly come to your mind?

I'm glad that I am not in my 20's as my life is getting to 1/2 over. I am not an optimist about the future of things getting any better. The US and some European economies being able to get their act together for example.

Yet we just blissfully travel along as if everything is hunky-dory.........

Thank God for Corvettes to give us a little bit of happiness in our lives!


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