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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
Getting prepared to sell my 08 hopefully for much more than it's worth :D (kidding) I'd like to sell it late in the season and order a C7 (dreamer)

Anyway I bought the car on Ebay with 12 miles on her .It was something I would not have never considered but for $42,000 it was hard to pass up .I did all the right things and had the car carfaxed and an expert checked out the car .

Now ,one thing I didn't get was the window sticker and build sheet .I called the dealer and was told it was in the trunk .Nope ,disappointed but at the time no big deal .Side note ,the car was in Peoria ,Illinois and it was during a November snow storm so I had it shipped to North Carolina where I picked it up three months later .:(

Monday I'll call the museum to see if they can get me both missing documents (for $$$$$$)I think the future owner might like it .Besides I'll be able to find out what I bought .:D
hope the info didn't fall in the hole steve. :eek:
The hole ,yes the hole probably got my stuff .:swear:

When I got my 03 I saved and bagged every piece of seat plastic ,every document and production notes ,every thing .I kept a log of everything that went on with the car .Bar codes from the oil and oil filters EVERYTHING .

My thought was that I'm not fanatical but the next owner would think I was .It actually worked but the 08 I don't have that stuff .:(
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