interesting question... I'm running stock 3.42's and I seem to change gears VERY frequently.... damn... FOOT is on the FLOOR again!!! Honestly though... it seems wound tight enough for me anyhow and i wouldn't want to loose the gas mileage :rofl:
I guess you have to figure out what you want to do with the car, 1/4 mile racing, track events or just street cruising.
If I was going to race my car on the 1/4 all the time then would go with the 4.10's.
I dont plan on doing that, maybe some track driving and thats it, so just a bit higher was good enough for me.
Also saves a bit of gas on the hwy as I drive my car from Mar 20th till Nov and on the hwy a fair bit.
If you go 3.90 or higher you better get some extra wide and softer compound rubber on the road to hookup.
I agree Riley. There is no magic pill or "1 best gear in my opinion". For me, for now I like the 3.42 just fine. I suppose if I went with a VRX6 cam I would have thought about the gear but like Greg mentioned... Traction starts to become a rarity I would guess :) then again... Isn't that fun too??? :D
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