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Feb 8, 2009
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Dont know if anyone has seen this before or actually filled one out and sent it in but here is the link to
the famed "Tomorrow's Gas Prices Today" website by the Hon. Dan McTeague, P.C., M.P.
Tomorrow's Gas Price, Today

There is a link on his site to a Petition that has been started on the crazy and overpriced gas supplies.
You can print out and mail to him for free when he collects enough signatures he will table the petition
in the House of Commons. Here is the link for the Petition .pdf file below.

I think we should all stand up for the right of fair gas pricing. Its crazy how the price fluctuates up and
down daily with no real reason and why is much higher in some places of the province or the country
then others? Remember long weekends and the price rising at the end of the week before your journey
up north to the cottage :swear:
Good to see the petition as something can be done to get fair prices, not just cheap prices. Seems to me that there is always a reason that the refiners/marketers give for the cost at the pump. I was told it use to always correlate with the price of oil...but since oil has dropped to a quarter of it's peak value last summer, it has not dropped at the pumps accordingly.
Didn't someone say that Exxon posted profits in the Billions last quarter? Looks to be true:

Exxon's Production Falls as Profits Soar - BusinessWeek

Despite sliding profits in 4th quarter, Exxon sets record for 2008 - International Herald Tribune

Those two links, kind of want to make me throw up. In one of the biggest economic slowdowns, some companies can still make record profit.

Does anyone actually know for fact what the price of fuel is based on and how they predict the price?
The part I want to know is how can Diesel ever cost more tha gas, it is refined less. But agreed that the gas prices seem to be pulled out of someones @$$ when you look at the price of a barrel of oil.

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