Hey how are you?

Now that is GREAT news! I have been almost obsessing about being behind the wheel. That little taste a month ago may have been a bad thing as it showed me what I could be enjoying.

Darn farming! I'm trying to get a few hours of reseeding in and was ready to go before it got wet a lunchtime. I don't think much fell but I don't want to mud it in so I want to wait for the surface to try. It is going to be tought to spot those littel canola seedlings poking through all that wheat stubble and of course where there are no little canola seedlings which is where I have to plant seed then. But the longer I wait the greter the chance that it will be hammered by frost come harvest.

But thanks for posting uplifting info to boost me up!


Good morning xlr8r,

To be honest I have not received official word that it is getting sent yet. Certainly you are more than welcome to come by when it does though. I'm so excited I think I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. That ought to make my reseeding nice and straight! Thank God for GPS..........


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