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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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Come one come all to a dinner for our friend from out west in Grand Prairie, Alberta: VelocityYellowRules! ... who's here to see his blown Z-car and as many of us as can make it.

Manny will book the seating but it will probably be at Kithchener's Moose Winooskis, near Sportsworld drive Kitchener Sunday evening 7'ish , see link:

Moose Winooskis Restaurant KW

Please sign up by Thursday April 25th at the latest so that appropriate seating can be arranged. Pay own tabs -- Hope to see you all there.
We've all been waiting a long time to meet up with Garry -- let's welcome him to our 'hood and come on out and cheer on Garry his newly blown Z.

Watch for confirmation of location and time please (in this thread).

Copy and paste your name in or let me know and I'll post it in for you.


1/ CCO -- (Colin)
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