Valley Vette

Valley Vette

Sep 12, 2011
Somerset, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada
2004 Coupe
Sigh...old age, small print and dark places...

While standing mostly on my head I found it challenging to get a good look at the fuse holder up under the dash in order to determine the fuse size (as opposed to the fuse amperage). I believe they are not the MINI size but rather the ATO size in my 75. Can anyone yonger and more nimble confirm this? I just want to have a spare pack of fuses on board - just in case...

Thanks in advance...

In my catalog, it is listed whit glass fuses, and the prefix is SFE or AGC

769106212723 SID
OK - now I'm really curious as the Vette is in Winter storage in NS and I'm left here in Ottawa with my fading recollection of looking way up under the dash and seeing the top of plastic type fuses showing the amps...

Maybe my eyes are failing me more that I know, or I'm losing my mind - or perhaps a little of both :confused:

I'll be back in NS in Feb and I'll take another look or have my son-in-law take a picture and send it to me. Sigh

More to follow on this one a little later....

Thanks gents.

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