Apr 24, 2011
Comox Vancouver Island B.C.
2006 C-6
Morning, I think it's been awhile since we've done one of these, so here goes.
Fuel prices in the Comox Valley B.C.
Regular $1.38
High test $1.45
Lets hear it from where you are.
Regular: 126.9
Mid: 139.9
Premium: 146.9
Diesel: 118.9

I think I should convert the old pig to Diesel.
Hey Steamer -- Prices have crept up lately to $1.34 for regular and $1.44 premium.

The Egypt upheaval was the reason given this time since they control the Suez canal.:rolleyes:

Any excuse the good enough for them.:mad:

OH OH ,Just figured out Celsius and now it's liters :D 3.45 per gallon and a slow rise .Note thats for Irving which is imported from New Brunswick.
1.49 reg 1.69 premium. Vancouver
Drive 30 mins South 3.79 premium
Rocky Mountain House
1.21 Regular
1.35 Premium

C4Vette I filled up in Gibsons couple of weeks ago, OUCH 1.80 Premium!
The Evil PetroCanada is $135.3 for regular in Ancaster

I agree, totally...Petro sucks donkeys./ Ever since they sold us out,
They won't get a nickel from me!

This weekend, I went to the Indian reserve, filled up w/ 91
@ 1.15 he he he.....:D
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