Polar Jet

Polar Jet

Dec 2, 2009
2008 JSB Coupe
Fielding reasonable offers for a Dasilva Motorsports installed ECS SC1500 supercharger and related parts, including a Dashtronix Gauge Projector unit which displays AFR and boost data in the HUD. Does not include upgraded rad or fuel pump.

I've had it on my car (08 LS3) for one year and have placed just over 5,000km on it.

If interested, PM your best offer.

Would this work with my 07 Ls2?

Spoke with Doug at ECS and he said that the blower will work no problem. The only thing that won't is the upper charge duct. A specific LS2 one would have to be ordered.
The supercharger is still up for grabs folks. Best offer is $3,300 but it's going to take a little more to make removing it worth my while.

PM if interested.
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