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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
I have 2 Diablo Predators for sale $250 each these go for $360 US
plus shipping and exchange rate 20%+. Units in mint condition.

1 is a U7198 for a 99-03 LS1 & LS6 corvette.
Will be unlocked at the GTG on the 18th.

1 is a U7193 for a 04 LS1 & LS6 corvette and Caddy CTS-V 04-05.
Is currently unlocked and ready to go.

These are great for bolt-on mod cars or cars with auto shift.



I will have both units for sale at the GTG if anyone is interested.
You can get a tune direct from Diablo on their forums, I did on both
cars and it was free. You email them your mods and they send a tune
that you flash to the unit via the com port on the bottom of the unit.

These units allow you to dial in your fuel trims for great Hwy driving
km`s and allow you to kill CAGS, Kill code errors, adjust idle, adjust
injectors, torque management if your an Auto car, fan speed etc, see below.
You can adjust the tune yourself and dont have pay someone $$ to do it.

U7193 & U7198 Specific Features:
Timing Table 1000-1800rpm (+/- 20%)
Timing Table 2000-4000rpm (+/- 20%)
Timing Table 4000-7000rpm (+/- 20%)
Fuel Table 2000-4000rpm (+/- 20%)
Fuel Table 4000-7000rpm (+/- 20%)
Idle (+ 500rpm / -300rpm)
Speed Limiters (Trucks Only)
Rev Limiters
RPM Shift Points
MPH Up and Downshifts
Shift Timing
Shift Pressure
Cooling Fan ON and OFF temperatures
Re-Calibrate Speedometer for Gear and Tire Size Changes
Torque Management abuse mode time limit ON/OFF
% torque reduction vs. RPM ON/OFF
Upshift torque reduction (all gears) ON/OFF
Adjust for different injector size
Adjust COT enable temperature
Kill P300 series codes

I will be at the GTG if anyone wants to pick one up there, also take
Paypal and will ship via Canada Express Post shipping extra.
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