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Polar Jet

Polar Jet

Dec 2, 2009
2008 JSB Coupe
I will be selling my Eagle Eyes LED tail lights in the next few days. I've had them for about a year. They are in great condition and look brand new. I am awaiting my replacements and don't want to part with them until then. Hoping to see them by this weekend (April 5/6).

Asking $250.

Local pickup only in either the Dixie/Eglinton area or the Bayview/Sheppard area. Please PM if interested.


Here are a few pictures...

What brand are you going to install and why? I would like to replace mine but your to far away for pick up. Your diffuser look great and shinny did you paint it diffuser or replaced it. Thank's Stephane

Hey Stephane

I'm going with a tinted version of the LED tail lights now instead. The tinted lights will blend in better with the other dark parts I have on the car.

I had my diffuser painted glossy black. Good eye for noticing it. Not too many people do. I think it looks so much better now.
I remember seeing a set of these when I was traveling in the USA.... they looked really good at night.


Thank you Steamer! I'm sure that they will look fantastic on your car and that you will love them!
Hi Polar Jet, please post pictures with the new light. Did you order the smoke or darker red? Are you going to tint your rear side marker to match?

I'll post up some pics when I get the lights in. The new lights going in are lightly tinted giving them what they call a "Black Cherry" look to them. You can still see a dark redishness to them during the day.

I will probably do something with the markers at some point soon and add some LED bulbs to them while I'm at it.
Here is a little sample pic I recently took of my car on the right with the untinted version on it and a friends car on the left with the exact same tinted LED tails I am waiting for.

Hope I can post the info without getting in trouble for it, but I ordered online from Jhonathan at JW Motoring.
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