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Russ K

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Jan 26, 2009
Regina, Sask
2001 ZO6
LPE 228/242/.630/.630 camshaft, stock rockers & pushrods $200.00. Stock 2001 ZO6 camshaft & stock 2004 ZO6 camshaft $100.00 each. 2 pair stock ZO6 exhaust manifolds $150.00 per pair, 2004 ZO6 midpipe & cats $200.00.

1 set of stock 2001 ZO6 wheels & Michelin Pilot Sport tires (75% tread left) and are road force balanced $1500.00. 4 stock 2004 ZO6 wheels (no tires) $800.00.

The above prices are in Canadian dollars.

Russ Kemp
Z06 wheels are they the gray or the chrome and What’s their condition andcould you post a picture or send it to me thanks
I seen some chrome wheels on kijiji Saskatoon 2day , 800 set of 4 but don't recall what year, I think one set was 18's, another set had 18 front 19 back, heck not sure as my 2K memory is not programmed to log anything made after the C3 . just punch up search Saskatchewan kijiji corvette and they will show.
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