285/30/19 335/25/20
Considering selling my set of Bridgestone S007A tires currently on my C7 ZR1 in the factory widebody sizing. They are runflat tires.

I purchased them in May of 2021 and got them installed that October when my RSR wheels showed up. Obviously only used in summer months (stored just like the car for wnters lifted up). Have about 3000kms or so on the tires so perfect tread depth.

Want to run my Apex wheels so I might dismount and mount these up but looking to try a different tire is reason I'm considering selling them. I'm looking for $1700 for the set of tires. I won't budge too much from that price (they're $2500.00 new) for these that will still last you quite a while without the new tire pricing.

In case some people have reading problems only the tires are FS. Check gallery for pics.

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