Mar 13, 2010
2007 Z06
Ive rented the track on Friday Oct 14th in London for myself and a bunch of my car buddies....$60 car for all you can race between 11am-4pm...this is a prepaid rental, I send them payment for the amount of participants on Oct 7th so id need your $60 in my hands by Oct 6th....Email Money Transfer or M/O is fine..cash in person is great aswell can meet in North York near Yorkdale Mall.....2010 Viper ACR,ShelbyGT500,2012 Mustang Boss 302,C6ZZ06,Turbo Supra are just a few of the cars attending.....will be a great day, 15-20 cars tops so you will get plenty of runs in.....will have a cruise to the track leaving yorkdale about 730am...its a 2hr15 min drive to the track and a few people need to swap out wheels once their so arrival time will be around 10am.....everyone here is welcome....ive hooked 1.61 60fts on tiny 275/40/17 drag radials with a hard walkout as seen in a vid i just posted in the vids section.....weather will be cool so cars will be makin peak jam and track will be prepped to hook hard......hope a few of you o interested!
Holy Shite, I can't imagine what that costs --- I would hope that it can be rescheduled ANEC in the event of bad weather.

Would love to see that. It's on my list. Hope you get fine weather.

Damn, I will be in Winnipeg that day but sounds like it will be awesome. Not to put a damper on it or be a downer, but what happens when you rent the track in advance and then it rains during your scheduled time?
we get a rain day for the following Friday and if some that could make it for the 14th cant attend the 21st they get their fees back....if its a go on the 14th and for some reason someone is a no show they are SOL.....it takes a minimum of 10 cars payoing the $60 to actually meet the tracks minimum rental requirement.....they are really fair, they always reschedule if it rains...
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