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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Just read on Bloomberg Businessweek that in 2010, the Chev Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang thus ending a 24 year run that the Mustang held.

For those interested it was 81,299 vs 73,716.

Another note, Camaro sales in 2010 increased 32 percent from 2009, whilst the Mustang only rose 11 percent.

It does pay to make a superior vehicle!!!

......And 2011 Brings the convertible and later in the year the Z-28, hope they can keep it up!
I had a few 5.0L mustangs in my time and with the new 2011 version out now they will
have a new serious following. The cars do not handle anything like out vettes but for the
price they will do well in sales for sure.
Love the pony cars. Always have. Had many over the years.
Can't take anything away from the new Camaro is nice and kudos for chevy for stepping up again, but I'd choose the new 5.0 -- Out of the box, very hard to beat.
:agree: The Camaro is very nice but boy would that be a tough position picking between that or a Mustang. Either way, you're not going to lose. Ford did an excellent job now that they added the much needed hp under the hood. Maybe when the ZL-1 comes out it will make the decision easier?
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