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Mar 29, 2014
Hello Forum Mates!

We have our last 2014 C7 in transit and we expect to have it here by the end of next week.

This is a retail floor unit so we are free to sell it to anyone across Canada.

Exclusive for the CCF forum members the price below includes shipping charges across Canada -- Cash deals only!

2014 Corvette Stingray 3LT Coupe
- 6 Speed Automatic
- Arctic White Exterior
- Black Leather Interior
- Transparent Black Glass Roof (Removable)
- Machine Faced Aluminum Wheels
- Red Calipers
- Battery Maintainance
- Delivery across Canada ($ 2000 value)
- Ron Fellows Corvette School discount ($ 1000 value)
- Full Manufacturer Warranty + Roadside Assistance

$ 72825.20 + Applicable Taxes from your Province (Price reflects $ 750 discount off MSRP - applied towards the cost of Canadawide transportation)

You may also qualify for additional discounts such as:

1. GM Online Voucher -- upto $ 1500
2. Student Discount $ 750
3. Canadian Forces Discount $ 750
4. GM Visa Points -- upto $ 1500
5. Mobility Credit -- upto $ 1000

If you prefer to Lease or Finance the vehicle you will need to visit our dealership to sign all documents at the time of delivery and we can then have it transported to your destination.

Or if you want to pick it up yourself we will still gladly give you the $ 750 discount. $ 71125.20 + HST.

Please call or TXT 416-826-7006 if you have any questions or to book this vehicle.

Best of Luck!


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to get the voucher you would need to visit gm.ca from your PC and browse around. make sure the pop-ups are not blocked.

These vouchers are random so not everyone who visit gm.ca gets them but often patience and refreshing the webpage multiple times has helped other people. If the voucher does apper then you will have about 15 minutes to fill out the form or lose the voucher.

My dealership, Gateway Chevrolet in Brampton Ontario, is accepting these vouchers towards new 2014 and new 2015 Corvettes at this time. However, I know that most dealerships are not accepting these vouchers for Corvettes. You must redeem the voucher before its expiry date which is usually 2 months from when you got it.

Best of Luck!
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Owais, I hope all your efforts to keep us informed about buying a C7 pays off for you.

You work hard at it and I enjoy reading the details of cars, options how the buying procedure works.

It would be great if what you do pays off for you with some folks from the board taking advantage of the allocations your dealership has. Well done.
Hi Black_03_Z06 and CCO,

Thanks for appreciating my efforts here.

My interactions with the forum members here is indeed very rewarding. Its a continuous learning process and keep me on my toes too :)

Hi first_place_trailer,

Yes it is still available.

We did the full PDI on it and it should be now on the showroom floor for display.

Plz let me know if you want to come and see it today or if you want to leave a deposit and reserve it.

Call or TXT me at anytime.

Best Regards,
This is now SOLD!!

A 20 something chinese international student stopped by our dealership last week and purchased the vehicle. Picked it up today. Perfect weather to drive with the roof stored in the trunk.

Lucky guy!
Hi SmackYYZ,

Yes the C7 will be missed.

Fortunately the void is about to be filled in about a week when our first 2015 arrives later this week or early next week.

... Followed by another one around mid September.

Good luck with your C7 on the race track!
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