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Oct 30, 2013
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2003 Z06
Zora Arkus Duntov (ARDUN) made a lot of racing equipment prior to being the "Father of the Corvette". These cylinder head woke up Ford Flatheads and made them into serious racers and hot rods back in the day. Valued beyond belief by collectors today these are indeed Ardun Overhead Valve Cylinder Heads mounted on a Flathead Ford. Beautiful workmanship.



Get Outa Town! That is crazy and cool! I'm surprised someone hasen't recreated these heads.....although you don't see a lot of flatheads out there anymore, but that is dang cool!
At the local cruise nights there are still a surprising number of flat head powered cars. Some have the old period speed equipment installed too. An acquaintance of mine built an all period correct street rod. He got pretty good money when he sold the car. His wife just went out to the garage and snapped the picture. A professional photographer would have taken days to set up for a shot like that. Every wall in the shop was covered like this.


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Pretty cool read on the Ardun heads. The only thing I am unsure of is their statement that the heads are cosmetically better than the originals. Because, if you are trying to replicate the look of something, how can you make it look better? :D

That is a very cool pic in the garage.
Bill first showed me the picture at a cruise night. I told him that I would pay for a copy. A week or two later he gave me a copy framed and wouldn't take a cent for it. Car guys are a class above the rest. A rod with Ardun heads would be a hit at any car show.
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