My 16 year old cousin just broke up with his girlfriend so I did what any self respecting older cousin would do.... I took him for a spin. He had to pick up some stuff from his ex's place so I took him over as well.

I laid it down getting on the highway... didn't break any laws... but the car felt like it was holding back.... so I put it into comp driving... what a difference. The lack of traction was evident. 2nd gear i laid about 50 feet of rubber and 3rd gear broke free when i shifted into 3rd then again at 4k.

I love this car.

Next mod.... default comp driving on.
For the time being I'm kinda liking the traction control on my car :). It seems to be pretty handy lol

I'm actaully pleasantly surprised with the non intrusive function of it. I've been in some that are just horrible.
I agree the Traction Control and Active Handling have saved my butt a couple of times.
Think with the Comp driving there is still come Traction Control involved but not as much.
If you turn everything off then its like the car is one ice and can get crazy fast.
One thing I'm finding is the vette is not meant for city driving.

When I drive it with other cars around me I feel like I'm trapped... the car just wants to stretch its legs a bit..
You should definitely take advantage of some track days to see what it will do...and mount a camera in your car so we can all see!


I have to see if i can find my old bike helmet. I have a big head a lot of rental helmets don't fit properly.

Just trying to see if the dates work.

I might have just scored financing to develop 40 house lots so I don't want to commit until i know for sure. Starting out is not fun.
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