Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
I was thinking about having our first meet this year on May 10th at the Golder Associates lot (same place as last year). Time should be 7:00pm.

If we meet that day, who would be out? I'm hoping the weather will cooperate.

Whoo-hoo! Start of another Corvette (and probably one Viper) summer!
VIPER????? Tell more Riley.


Oh, sorry, there is not much to tell. We just have a friend that brings his Viper, Mamba Edition, out on Thursday nights to visit with the friendly Corvette folks.

I may have mine out by then :) still sleeping

Sweet! Good to hear from you Fernando! I hope the weather will be consistently nice by then! It will be good to see the familiar faces. It's been a long (even if not THAT cold) winter.
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