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Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Wow was raining this morning--my old buddy Manny phoned me last night--"Hey buddy going to the cruise tomorrow"--now you gotta understand--he has been so busy working on other peoples cars --that a call from Manny to ask if I was cruising--like a bolt out to the blue. His car has been left to the last so he could work on other peoples cars. So I headed over to pick him up and head to the "the big smoke" at Sherway Gardens. Started off rainy in Cambridge--headed down---lost Manny part way down. He had that thing purculating at 200 Km on the 401. But sadly he had a fuel pump problem 4000 meters from the show---had to get the big platform ride---and he got to be my co-pilot on the way home---but everyone had Corvette problems either coming or within the week of GTG. It read like a veritable list of Maple Leaf injured list:
Frankie--tranny problems
Peter--electrical gremlins
Steve--electrical problems
Manny--fuel pump

But summer must be off to a shaky start--here are some pics:

Rainy morning when we left

You gotta hear this thing at full throttle--AWESOME!!!






West end boys where there---good looking engine Ian!!

Marky Marks timbit crusher was in attendance!!

who is that Mystery man--amongst those roses!!!
Part 2 pictures

We had lots of the usual suspects in attendance today-I actually got sunburnt today!!! Roof off on the way home--to deliever my main man to Carmen--so he could attend a family function.

Lots of new iron around--to check out the scene!!


Hood scoup and side vent look great!!

The Datsun Race team showed up--couple vette guys took the GTR out for a tour--word on the street is "this thing is FAST!!"

And knowing Frank--it will be fast and clean!!!!

A panoramic view of the GTG

Sadly the Nasty was flatbedded to Champion for a replacement fuel pump--but bonus--I had Manny as company all the way home!!! Great Day--cruise with a pal--roof off--it doesn't get better than that!!!:canada: SUMMER MUST BE FINALLY HERE!!!!
Great pictures Willy.
Turned out to be a pretty good day for a wet start. Especially for those of us who were still running at the end of the day.
The weather pussies missed a great start to the driving season.

Funny thing the car didn't melt in the rain. Who knew.:(

Got home from the GTG , washed the Vette then Carol and I hopped back in it and cruised to Niagara on the lake for a fantastic dinner.

Lets hope Spring is officially here.:canada:
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