Thanks for asking guy's. Yep...gained about 30hp so about 325 to the rear wheels now.
I installed the K&N dual head cold air intake as well as the Corsa extreme axleback. Then Manny did the LG headers, X-pipe, free flow cats, TR-6 plugs, 160 stat and finally the dyno tune.
Quite a bit of vibration in the cab now but the wife seems to like that!:D
Engine temp doesn't seem to move off of 80C or 176F which will be awsum next summer while cruisin or in traffic.
Great experience with Manny and his team. Really nice shop up there with Vettes sittin all over.
My next move over the winter will be CCW T-10 wheels probably 19 fronts and 20'' rears. New tires for the wheels and then the big brake kit with stainless rotors.
Next summer I think Manny has talked me into a cam. That will probably be it for a while, I need some money for gas.:rofl:



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