Jun 19, 2014
Collingwood ON
2015 Z51 Coupe A8
My C7 is FINALLY safely parked in my garage. And I even have proof even if it is a bit blurry...

Thanks for putting up with all my angst. I am impressed by the minimal amount of orange peel - less than expected.

Come on Springtime!


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Finally. Congratulations, a great moment in your Corvette history.

Did you end up driving it home?

I considered driving it home. But with all the talk about cracking tires and the likelihood that on a cold dry day salt powder would get up in all the nooks and crannies of the chassis, I decided to have it towed. The dealer kept the car in its service area until a flatbed could be arranged. For $100.00, I got some serious peace of mind about protecting a $77K car. A no-brainer.

There were a couple of false starts because the flatbed was being commandeered by the OPP for collision removal work and that took priority over my gig. Despite the -13 C temps, I figure the tires never got too cold or too stressed as they unloaded the car onto my snow packed driveway and slowly edged it into the garage. My C7 arrived in Canada on December 23rd (I say that because I got a call on Christmas Eve to say the car was in Windsor). It arrived at the dealer on January 12th and finally into its crib on the 20th.

I have to send a high-five to Curries Towing. Before they picked up the car, they cleaned the bed and dried it off. They took great care to ease the car on and off the bed to make sure the front skirt did not rub. They did not mark the door sill at all. It really was kid glove care.

Next up will be to move the tires onto some rubbery pads to get them off the concrete. I have the GM RPO battery tender installed already. For the next while I plan on trying for the optimal settings and file configuration for about 30+ gigs of music. I know large libraries can be a painful amount of time for the system to catalog. I say all that because I will be doing a lot of battery-only tasks while she in ACC mode.

Suffice it to say Doug is a happy camper and I am sure the salesman is glad to see the ass end of me. :rofl:

It is -20 in Collingwood this morning and the garage is at +8. Life is good.

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Congratulations on the car! That has to hurt looking at it every day and not being able to drive it! On the flip side you will know the controls better than anyone on thier first drive!
Why do you need to put tires on rubber pads? If your cement is dry and fully cured as it appears to be it won't hurt the tires at all. Been storing sports cars on cement garage floors for years, no issues. Just make sure the tires are filled to the 38 lb range , helps to stop flat spots. Then spring time reduce the air pressure when it is ready to drive.

By the way you can use a 64 gig USB in the vehicle but you have to reformat it to be for FAT files. The audio system requires that formatting and most 64 gig come formatted to exFat which won't work. 32 gig USB's come standard with FAT formatting so no issues there if you can fit it all in. You can add playlists onto the USB. I built some nice mix stuff by stealing music off the internet streaming stations, tons of the out there most without commercials. Need some software off the net to capture the digital music though.
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