High RPM Poster
Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Finally got the car on the dyno yesterday for the first time.
Here are the mods done so far and the results.

Max Power: 435.09 Max Torque: 397.21

Honker Intake
LS1 Maf
LS1 ported TB
Old FAST 78 intake (Self ported)
Trickflow "As Cast" heads cut down to 61cc
Comp 850-16's
FAST 36lbs.
7.5 pushrods
Yella Terra 1.7's
VRX3 226/228 114lsa
Kooks 1 3/4 headers
Kooks Cat'd X-over
Corsa Pace Car Exhuast
3.73 Gears

The LS1 Maf and LS1 TB is hurting me a bit for sure but is a blast to drive so far!
With a FAST 92+, LS2 TB and Z06 Maf should be able to pickup a few hp in the future over the old FAST 78.

Thanks goes out to Ron at Vengeance for all the help and great tech info along with Manny & Rob and also John at Westport! :thumbs:
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