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Mar 29, 2014
Hello Canadian Corvette Forum members!

I work at a Corvette Dealership in Brampton, ON and with permission from the forum moderator I am sharing this very exciting update with all of you.

We currently have 1 allocation on hand for a 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe with Z51 package. The rest of the trim/specs can be as per your factory order.

The delivery is expected to be late July this year.

We got this late allocation for another customer who had placed an order with us for a Convertible Z51 but unfortunately GM is not manufacturing anymore Convertibles for 2014 so instead we got an allocation for a Coupe for him which he declined.

Due to this we only have 3 business days now to use this allocation for another client or lose it as we are not allowed to use this allocation unless there is a confirmed order and a Bill of Sale.

I understand there are a lot of members here who would be delighted to get their hands on a C7 Coupe this Summer so I am reaching out to all of you to please spread the word among your friends and family circles to take this unique opportunity before its gone.

I can be reached at 416-826-7006 (call or TXT). Or feel free to PM me.

Best Regards,

Owais Jamali
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Sold to the lucky guy from London, ON. Congrats John! :D

Folks this was the last of the 2014's as we do not anticipate any more allocations opening up.

And a big THANKS to the moderators for allowing me to post this thread on the forum!

Best Regards,

Owais Jamali
Call or TXT 416-826-7006
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