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Mar 29, 2014
Hello Forum mates!

We, at Gateway Chevrolet, have our final 3 "guaranteed" allocations for 2015 C7's up for grabs.

We are confident that we will deliver these C7's in April/May 2015. So unless there is an unusual circumstance or event which prevents us from handing over the keys to you by the end of May 2015 we guarantee a delivery by April/May 2015.

If any one here has been on the fence and looking for a Spring delivery now is your chance. You may order any trim and option you like except for the Z06's.

There is no additional surcharge to place factory orders and we only require a $2000 deposit to place your order with GM. Your order also gets factory order price protection in case GM decides to raise the prices midterm.

For customers out of province and want to proceed with a cash purchase, we can have your vehicle delivered straight from the factory to your preferred neighbourhood Corvette dealer at no additional charge to you. Some conditions apply for this option so please PM me if you would like to proceed with this.

Best of luck!
All 3 are now sold!

No more Spring deliveries at our dealership.

We expect to get additional allocations for Summer deliveries sometime in Jan/Feb. And may be even a Z06?

Thanks to all who participated in this blitz.
"Your order also gets factory order price protection in case GM decides to raise the prices midterm."

Very interesting statement Owais, is that from GM or from your dealership?

I put a deposit down on an allocation from a dealership in Burnaby, B.C. on a 2014 Z51 coupe and was caught in the mid year increase in 2014 and then the increase to 2015 when they couldn't supply the 2014. I received only the GM price protection of $1430 which was a drop in the bucket to all price increases (mid year, Z51, then 2015).
Hi formula80_ca

Congrats on finally getting your vehicle. It looks like your dealer pushed you around a lot!

The price protection that you got was for the model year 2014 to 2015 as your dealer originally placed an order for you for a 2014 but ultimately you ended up getting a 2015 vehicle. In your case your price increase was a lot more because you actually went through 2 price increases and only got price protection from the post mid-2014 price over to the 2015 price.

To answer your question, the price protection that I was referring to was for guaranteed allocations for 2015 C7's. The Price Protection is actually from GM Canada and the only way we can ensure you get the price protection is that we place your factory order as a SOLD unit (with your name attached to it) as soon as you leave a deposit for your purchase.

Because of a weaker Canadian dollar a lot of high end vehicles have been seeing unusual price increases. We just placed a factory order for a 2015 Yukon XL Denali which would have cost around $85000 if placed before Oct and now the current price for the same vehicle is coming to $90000.

Enjoy your C7. the worst is behind you and from here on its going to be only good memories.

Not a good post there Owais considering that impacts EXACTLY what we may see in the price of the Z06...yuk!
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