peterborough got alot more than that in july 04. highly concentrated to just peterborough, the surrounding areas were relatively unaffected. i had a procedure being done at p'boro civic hospital at 7:00 that morning, it was unbelievable what we saw when we got into town !!! luckily i knew one of the fire/ems guys at a roadblock and he got us through to the hospital. once we arrived we had to wait until it was deemed safe as there was over a foot of water in the hospital basement. remember that one keith ? :eek:
I remember the Peterborough storm. Five miles in any direction from town and it was an ordinary rain. It was a fluke where three consecutive down pours dumped on the city in one night. People quickly found out why farmers build on high ground.......Water flows down hill and settles at the bottom. The Pigeon River would have to rise 30-40 feet to get to our house. I think we are safe.....I hope. The weather certainly is getting weird.
Terrible weather this year indeed. I feel very sorry for all the flood victims; flood damage makes a real mess of things. Seeing that Ferrari picture, I wonder how many flood cars will end up on the used car market soon. I remember all of the stories of flood cars getting on the market after Katrina.
Good to hear some background on the car and why it was left there and the only car in the water!?

I had to remove the pasted story as the forum to the south was sued when a member copied an article into a post. Links are great, copies are not apparently.

Wayne: it is just like dressing yourself...Ask Marry before you do it. :rofl:
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