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Feb 22, 2010
2008 ZO-6
Just got this that a pile of Mini's got nailed during a group cruise on the 400 near Barrie.Sure a good reason not to go on a group cruise IMO

"The report on A Channel Barrie news was not totally clear but it seems Commissar Fantino's boys nailed a whole convoy of Minis on #11 North of Barrie on the weeekend. From the footage shown there were several cruisers pulling out and pulling over a lot of the convoy of Minis (new version) Supposedly nailed several for 50 over and seized cars etc. Also apparently 11 cars (not sure if they were all Minis) had children in them and the OPP are involving the Childrens Aid Society."

The story starts at the 2.55 mark.

Sunday April 25 2010 Anews @6 Webcast

I'll make this brief for now, I've been reading instead of being part of the family.

Mini club arranges spring drive to run "The Rattler". I have never heard this term, but they are talking about Muskoka 13. Old Ontario winter rally territory.

Due to past numbers, event organizer informs OPP to prevent any misunderstandings or accidents as the convoy moves from Colossus to Webers. Also informs club members that he has informed OPP.

1 OPP officer is waiting at colussus as cars meet up for convoy. This officer tells club members that the 400 is clear, just him and his sarg.

As they collectively roll north on the 400, in the middle lane, being passed by all of the left lane traffic, the convoy is pulled over. A News is already there waiting with the cruisers to get shots of the mini convoy being pulled over.

A handful of mini drivers receive speeding tickets.

A News carefully words their broadcast to make it sound like mini drivers have kids in car - none of the mini drivers charged had kids in the car. The biggest ticket seems to only be $240 which isn't much.

So who's up for a cruise.....:eek::eek::eek:
Looks Like "A channel" removed the link.
Maybe the OPP didn't want their UN safe maneuver's broadcast all over the Internet.
Or "A Channel" is worried about law suits over sensationalism bogus reporting.
The Southern Ontario Mini Club has all the info posted up there.
A couple of guys saved the news broadcast before it was deleted..

Can you Say SET-UP.:canada:
Nice way to set back any relationships gained between the auto enthusiasts and authorities. Hopefully they will learn from this and target the drivers that actually drive dangerously and not groups of people out for a cruise and following the law the best they can.
I am planning a cross Canada ride on my bike this year, think I'll drop down into the States to get across Ontario. Not worth the risk. Too bad my tourist dollars will go south.
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