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Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
Great replacement if yours is damaged. Including all of my Nav DVD's and throwing in a USA-SPEC iPod interface kit. NOT INCLUDED is the GPS Antenna but any one will work as it uses a normal connector (I believe). Reason for sale is that I replaced it with a Kenwood HU.

The unit is from my 2006 C6 Z51. As an FYI, my dealer replaced the unit for me in June of 2008 because I was complaining about it skipping on some MP3 disks - turned out to be me and not the unit. In any case the unit is very new and very MINT

PM me with an offer.



I have a 2006 C6 with the factory Bose/NAV combo. Recently pulled out the NAV HU and door speakers and wondering if there is an interest on the forum for this kit or should I just put it out on eBay?

All of it is in MINT condition and I am even including the iPod kit from USA SPEC. The only thing missing is the GPS antenna but a GARMIN or KENWOOD one should fit too.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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