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Apr 23, 2012

I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and wanted to know if aanyone has ever been to Exotics Racing:

RACING SCHOOL, Exotics racing school is the ultimate driving experience at Las Vegas Speedway with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche..

I'm torn with what to chose to drive. I'm thinking 2 or 3 cars. While three miught be too many, the Mclaren, Ferrari, and Lambo all seem like "must-dos". I also intend to take the Z06 around the track riding shotgun with a professional as well. I bet it will be an adrenaline rush like no other!!!!

Anyways, let me know if anyone has suggestions on number of cars, laps, and car-types. I'd love any feedback anyone can offer. If you've driven any of these cars, let me know what the deal is there too.

All advice welcome!!


Not had the pleasure yet but it's on my bucket list if I can ever drag my wife there.
I've read so much about the Mclaren I just have to drive it one day.
Of course any of the exotics would be an experience, but that one sticks in my mind.

Have a fun trip.

I believe the one BIG lesson in this exercise is to NOT try and compare
the cars.
Each offers its own individual experience. Its a wasted exercise to try and
compare the cars and what each offers.
Enjoy them for what they offer. Any three would be fabulous !!

Well I did it--I took the plunge.

I'm booked in for next Friday to take a Ferrari Scuderia around the track. Not sure if I want to add the $100 video of this moment for myself or not--seems steep!

I wanted the Mclaren, but I think I'll be back sometime in the future. Too bad I couldn't do a Bugatti Veyron!!!!!

I'll try posting some pics when I get back this is going to be awesome--especially doing the drifting in the Z06......

And oh yeah--I booked my dad into the other Ferrari--he is going to be shocked! CANT WAIT!
Awesome. You guys are going to have a blast! Take some pics. :thumbup:

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OK folks.

This is TOTALLY WORTH IT...............get it done Colin--you only live once.

It's totally worth it just to go and spectate. The sound of all the cars driving around, the pits, the smell of burning rubber, and people gunning the throttle (see movie clip attached). I wanted to do the Macleran, but it was in for servicing--and there was something about driving a couple Ferraris with my dad that felt appealing to me as well.

Plan for half-a-day, and if you get hooked, you might stay and drive a few more. The only other dilemma I had was the burning desire to drive the Aventador. I'm still glad with the choices I made. Unfortunately, the Z06 was out for the day--so no drifting.

They will soon have a new Viper and a C7 to drive........

ENJOY--click on the vid and have your speakers on!!!





MOV01572_zpsefdf8691.mp4 video by Vincheese | Photobucket

What an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! so cool ....... and to experience it with your Dad too. Nothing, but nothing would be finer......... (btw - your Dad is still lookin' quite young).

Tough times huh - had to settle for Ferraris.:p

Maybe Mclarens next time.:D

I'll bet that little prancing horsey was one fine drive. Did you get to co-pilot with a pro to see what it would do at its limits?
I drove an Ariel Atom at Shannonville (ON) back in '07 but when the pro drove it I really started to enjoy it.

Yes I'd love to go. There are so many attractions in that area I'd love to see.
Workin' on wifey to convince her it's not just a sin city.:D

Very cool Vince..... The link to your photobucket accnt. video could be enlarged......thanks so much for recording and posting. I'm going to show Margaret.

More pics and details of other excursions?

Like just with respect to general Las Vegas Colin? I could probably whip something together on the weekend, but tell Margaret this:

1. The shopping there is world class.
2. There are more nooks and crannys to explore than you can dream of. I walked 28 miles on Sunday there--I kid you not.
3. The dining in Las Vegas rivals the shopping.
4. Maybe the best live show on the planet is "O" at Bellagio--it's a Cirque Du Soleil production--there about 10 others in town as welll. I recommend "Mystere" (at Treasure Island) and "O". The set on "O" is STUNNING.
5. A nice day-trip away is the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or Grand Canyon.
6. There are countless other things to do in Vegas. While I do gamble, many of my friends (including my GF) do not. They love this town as well.
7. The water show in front of the Bellagio is top-notch--and free to boot.
8. Freemont street at night is awesome too. You need to go after dark though, as the canope of lights is something to see--it's free as well.

I hope that makes a good teaser for Margaret. For us westerners, Vegas is a quick flight away--about 3 hours, so it makes a nice 3-day getaway. You guys may have Manny, but LV is pretty cool to have in proximity as well, HAHA!!!

Let me know what kinds of things she's into, and I can make a better list. There are literally tons of things to see and do in Las Vegas.

PS: the video is of the pro driving me in the Scuderia--I ended up driving the "ITALIA". I'll try posting the video of me in the car riding shot-gun. It was a pretty decent shot of adrenaline, as my driver raced in no less than 4 Indy 500s.
AWESOME!!!!! The McLaren would have been pretty sweet to drive, but the Italia has to be one of my favourite cars. That is a bucket list experience for sure. Looks like you guys had a blast and great pics by the way.:thumbup::cool::beer:

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