I purchased the LG exhaust System from Manny this winter. Received it in March, everything looked great.


Sent the entire System to Top Gun Coatings in Calgary to get it ceramic coated internally and most of the external piping, The Mufflers and tips were already nicely chromed so I didn't coat the exterior of those.


The ceramic coating was nice and smooth.


My Buddy, Somebuddy, came over on Friday and we proceeded to do the install, a couple of quick emails to Manny to sort out a few things.( Manny is Great at getting back to a person.) A few beverages, a whole lot of cussing and a few bruised knuckles and it was done.


It was an extremely tight fit, you had to hold your mouth just right to get some of the pieces in place, BUT it fits... And sounds awesome.

Thanks to Somebuddy for all your help, and Thanks Manny for a Quality product.
Hey Don, it looks and sound great . Glad I could be of service :canada:

Now about that cam & heads :rofl:

JK Don enjoy the new mods .

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