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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
I have never seen so many C4's for sale .When I leave home to go to town there are 3 and not that bad looking .When I travel I see them in yards with signs and at dealers .Prices from $5000-$12,000 .

For someone wanting to get into a vett I think it's a good time and good product .I know if I hadn't ordered an Elio I could have a C4 :swear:
Yes... C4s must be "bottomed out" right about now. My decent '87 was $3500 and only needed mufflers for cert.... so... just over $4200 + taxes on the road!
Lots more little things to do though... maybe a couple hundred dollars or so.
My wife had an 87 and loved it I regret selling it .I'd love to find another one for her .I consider C4's to be the best bargain out there .Great cars
LT4 Corvette

I see the odd `96 LT4 car for sale and performance wise, they are pretty good bang for the buck. Apparently, some of them are putting out a LOT more than their advertised horsepower.
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