Its seemed like a good event, too bad the weather didn't hold out. I was running but in the test and tune lanes. I didn't make it there in time for the street car shoot out and only got one run before the rain started
Hey fella's. Well our 'Postponed' 3rd annual Fastest Street Car Shoot-Out from last Oct. goes this Sunday, Aug.15th. Basically heads up but there will be one 11.60 index class. Can come out Sat.night to sign in & Tech if you chose, Parking & Camping available Sat.night. Things should get rolling around 8:00 AM Sun, Racing by 9:30 AM. Should make for a good day & good times :D. C'mon out to run or watch!
Best of luck Ryan! That would be awesome to watch. I should mark that down as another must do trip!

Now, if they just had a slowest street car competition, I bet I could win that with my S-15.
If I could get under 17's in a stock, 4x4, auto, 2.5 liter, 92hp from factory in 1985, S-15, I would be quite impressed. My brother raced a Chevette back in high school and it was close! I don't think the speed limit was broken at any point.
Not I... go the horsepower solutions website... (Is a link ok???) anyhow... horsepower solutions edmonton should get it in the google serach...

the truck is in there... all black. The times on the web site are out dated.... says ONLY a 9.8 there LOL... Neil's MUSTANG also has a turbo LS1 and runs 9s... :)

Damn i fell slowwwwww ;P
Holy F@CK LOL I saw that car there last year when I was getting my car done!!! It was in the corner beside the blue turbo 'stang! The motor was on a stand too I believe... I'll have to drop by and see what "evil" those guys are up to. LOL

Frankly I thought the idea of building somthing that crazy in to a Zephyr was awesome :D
Neil doesn't have the Mustang anymore. Took the basic combination with some tweaks & put in in a 79 Zepyer, I built his engine this year but all the tuning is his deal. Has gone 8.97 so far...The Mustang only went 9.55, I believe?
Update: Neil & I were at the track (Castrol) Tues., Neil ran best ever's all day. He went 8.96, 8.94, 8.94, 8.76 & that order. He also drove to & from the track. That was what you call a good day!
what time do the festivities commence? is it a street drags night or other?

Ya'...Just a regular Friday night street legal deal. Gates open at 5:00PM, Tech shortly after. Runs usually start by 6:30-ish. Usually goes till Mid-night or close to it. Has the makings to be one of the best Friday street legals for the year! If you make it out, stop by & say hey...
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