If Oldsmobile had come out with this concept car, the six cylinder Corvette would have been dead in the water. The 324 engine with the four speed automatic of the time would have killed the Corvette in the quarter mile, and the quarter mile was the measure of performance in the U.S. in that era.

1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Concept | Conceptcarz.com
It's not bad looking at all it kind of looks like a Bel Air, Caddy and Vette all rolled into one.

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interesting to pipe dream about the rivalry had this car gone into production. duntov may have kicked things up a notch even sooner.


haha, that thing would have been a screamer back in the day.....You're right about Duntov -- From what I've read the brass held him back quite a bit from all that he had planned.

The HEMI was way beyond anything of its time. What an engine!

Would love to see The Zeder at Petersen Auto Museum someday.

Good find Doug.
I appreciate the nostalgia and historical significance of the "HEMI" engine but... people forget that european auto makers (namely Alfa Romeo) had implemented hemispherical head technology long before this. Chrysler was only the first to do it in a large displacement engine in the US.
I recall years ago one of my bosses purchased a Facel Vega with a Chrysler Hemi engine in it. Maybe 354 c.i. something like that. It was not a bad looking sports car but he purchased it because the 2 x 4 barrel carbs were identical to the ones he needed for his C2 Corvette. He took the parts off and the car sat in a shipping container for years, in fact it may still be there.

I often wondered how that car would have performed but never got to see it actually run.

I don't mind the appearance of Chrysler dream car and I too wonder "what if". Thanks for posting the link Doug.
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